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Highlighting The Many Talented Women Of Personal Finance

Highlighting The Many Talented Women Of Personal Finance

Women In Business

At The Money Mix, we believe personal finance is more than just blogs or news sites.

And more importantly, it’s more than just a few voices.

We strive to bring the most diverse set of ideas to the broadest audience possible, because it helps us grow as a community.

In that spirit, we have very exciting news to share!

The Big News

Over the past few weeks, we built a new RSS aggregator that includes over 170 blog feeds highlighting the many talented women of personal finance!

We’ve also added all of the feeds from that new aggregator (that weren’t already on) to our largest aggregate feeds, including the site’s main feeds on The Front Page and The Money Blogs Feed.

Why We Did It

The way aggregators work is pretty boring, unless you like the Simple Pie coding language.

But the way the new feed was developed is pretty important.

First, we saw a post by Chief Mom Officer dispelling the false notion that there aren’t any, or even many, female personal finance bloggers out there.

We knew that she’s right, because we know about the awesome work the many talented women of personal finance are doing every day!

But we also wanted to dig a little deeper to determine whether anyone had created a resource to highlight all that great work.

Then, we remembered this great post by Tread Lightly, Retire Early where she encouraged us to Meet The Women Of The Financial Independence Movement.

Her post includes over 150 female personal finance bloggers, and we know a lot of effort went into creating such a significant resource!

There’s also an even more comprehensive list of Female Personal Finance Blogs compiled by the awesome Women Who Money.

So, we know there’s no shortage of female personal finance bloggers out there, and we know what great work they do.

As Chief Mom Officer said, the big issue seems to be visibility.

We realized the issue of visibility creates a great opportunity to build a useful resource for the community that highlights the work of the many talented women of personal finance.

And so the new aggregator was born!

Money Women

What’s Next

So far, we have added over 170 blog feeds from the talented women of personal finance to the new aggregator.

But, according to the Women Who Money, there are over 550 female personal finance bloggers, so…

We have a long way to go!

We’re a relatively new website, and we could use your help getting the word out about the new aggregator and the site.

Our goal is to create a resource useful enough that you want to start your money journey here each day and then click out to visit other sites.

In fact, to help foster that spirit, during the month of October, we’re even donating a meal through Feeding America for every 10 clicks on our feeds.

The Money Mix also has a lot of unique stuff you probably won’t find anywhere else, including:

We encourage you to take a few minutes to look around the site because we’re confident there are many things you’ll find useful.

If you like what you see, we would would love any support you can give us by using the site day after day and telling others about what’s going on at The Money Mix!

Naming The Aggregator

We’re a lot better at building aggregators than we are at naming them.

“The New Aggegator” isn’t a great title, and we’re not convinced yet that “The Money Women Feed” is the best, either.

So, we’re giving you the opportunity to give the new aggregate feed a name.

If you have an idea for a permanent name for the new feed, we’d love for you to comment below and tell us! 

We have the “Like” function enabled in the comments area below for this post, and we will choose a name from the Top 5 comments with the most “Like” upvotes by October 20th.

Highlighting The Many Talented Women Of Personal Finance

Become A Money Hero

We added over 170 personal finance sites published by women to our aggregator as part of this effort.

So far, though, only 23 of those sites are also on The List of Money Heroes.

The List is a fun and informative database that includes unique fields like personality type, net wealth, and money rules bloggers like to break.

We would love to learn more about you and be able to share that information with our readers.

You can Become A Money Hero in just a few minutes, and we even have a badge you could add to you site.

One of the coolest things about becoming a Money Hero is getting your site added to The FIRE Engine.

See Also
Top Finance

The FIRE Engine is a custom search engine powered by Google that searches only the many personal finance websites on the internet.

It’s a great resource to use when researching posts or otherwise looking for personal finance information, and being included increases your chance of being mentioned in the posts other writers research and publish their work.

If you’re not a Money Hero yet, we’d love to have you become one and be a more active member of The Money Mix community!

Vote Regularly For The Money Jukebox

The Money Jukebox is the first and only regular “round-up”or “best of” series of its kind.

It’s curated both for and by the personal finance community, featuring some of the newest, best posts within days (or even hours!) of their publishing.

On Monday through Friday, we bring you The Daily Jukebox, which includes the “Top 5” newest posts on The Money Blogs Feed from the day(s) before.

Each Saturday, we bring you The Weekly Jukebox, which includes the “Top 5” posts from The Daily Jukebox that week.

Once a month, we bring you The Monthly Jukebox, which includes the “Top 5” posts from the Weekly Jukebox for that month.

The Money Jukebox is unique because it gives you an active voice as the reader.

Your clicks give us a “Top 10” list each day, which we actively narrow down to a “Top 5.”

Winners of The Daily Jukebox and The Weekly Jukebox, who are featured on The Weekly Jukebox and The Monthly Jukebox, respectively, are chosen solely by your poll votes.

We listen to you as our readers, and we’re committed to amplifying the work you consider to be best.

If you enjoy the great work the many women talented women of personal finance are doing, you can tell us day by day by clicking posts from The Feed(s) and voting on The Money Jukebox.

At The Money Mix, you have the unique opportunity every day to tell us what we should feature, which is something you won’t find anywhere else!

Sharing Is Caring

Our goal is to send as much traffic as possible to the creators of the best money and personal finance content.

By telling others about us, you’re helping us reach a broader audience every day.

If you like what you see on The Money Mix, please share this post and others on your favorite social media sites!

If you haven’t had the chance yet, we’d be honored if you’d follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page.

Thank you again for all of your support, and we look forward to serving you and growing with you over many years to come!

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