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Why We Started The Money Mix

Why We Started The Money Mix

Our Why

Our WhyWe started The Money Mix to bring the latest and greatest money and financial news, stories, and articles together at one place.

We love the personal finance community, and this is a website created both for and by the personal finance community.

Our Why

The Money Mix is a great place to start your money journey each day, but our goal is actually to drive as much traffic as possible away from our site!

To do that, we’re dedicated to 4 guiding principles:

1. Simplify

At The Money Mix, you’ll find the latest and greatest money and financial news, stories, and articles together, all at one place.

Our Feeds are a great place to find fresh, new content each day from hundreds of talented personal finance bloggers and writers.

2. Diversify

Personal finance is more than just blogs or news sites, and, more importantly, it’s more than just a few voices.

The Money Mix strives to bring the most diverse set of ideas to the broadest audience possible, because it helps us grow as a community.

For example, The Money Jukebox features up-and-coming authors of posts from money blogs and personal finance blogs right next to household names.

3. Unify

The personal finance community is awesome. And we can help each other grow both personally and professionally by collaborating and working together.

The Money Mix is a great place to engage with others in the community and build relationships beyond the site.

You can search our list of Money Heroes, including their Twitter contact information, to find folks with similar interests.

And Flamingo Fridays is an easy way to get involved in encouraging others!

We also created the Money Talks Financial Forum for discussion about personal finance and related topics, or even whatever is on your mind.

4. Amplify

Did you know there are close to 2,000 personal finance blogs? It can be hard find a voice and build a readership.

At The Money Mix, newer personal finance writers have the same access to The Front Page as household names.

It’s an honor to be able to leverage this platform to help you grow.

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