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The Sunday Shuffle – Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Sunday Shuffle – Sunday, December 9, 2018

Best Financial Podcasts

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Early Retirement Wisdom From 50+ Top Finance Writers – The Money Mix

If you read much personal finance content, you know that early retirement is an increasingly popular topic these days. Reddit has a financial independence subreddit with over 450,000 subscribers, there’s another online early retirement forum that often has over 1,000 active users online , and even our very own Money Talks Financial Forum has been burning up with posts and comments about early retirement lately.

Here are Some of This Week’s Most Popular Podcasts:


Episode 74 – The Impact of Income, Privilege, & Race on the Path to Financial Freedom

Listen & Subscribe: on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, Android Device (This post may include some affiliate links) Does your income matter when it comes to being able to reach Financial Freedom/Financial Independence? How big of a role does privilege play in


#164: How and Why I Took a Mini-Retirement, with Bob Lotich

As an entrepreneur, Bob Lotich loves growing and expanding. But after a particularly stressful year, he realized he had burned out.He woke up one Monday morning and, for the first time since he’d started self-employment, he realized he didn’t want to go to work. This was a new and uncomfortable feeling.He decided to take a mini-retirement.


People Who Don’t Like The FIRE Movement Don’t Understand It (with David Bach)

It’s easy to say, “I’m going to spend less money this week,” but it’s a lot harder to make the choices throughout the week. Turning our bad habits into good habits is key to great financial health. Today we’re bringing down THE guy who wrote the book on it, we welcome author of Atomic Habits, James Clear.


A Power Couple’s Path to FI | Jimmy and Jenny from Living Life Loving Us – The FI Show

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 41:09 – 38.9MB) Today we have a bonus episode recorded LIVE at FinCon with Jimmy and Jenny from Living Life Loving Us. Cody was fortunate enough to meet this amazing power couple at FinCon and immediately knew that he needed to get them on the podcast.


Episode 20 – Learn Hustle Grow with Rob and Reshawn Lee

Learn Hustle Grow How Two Forty-Something Empty-Nesters Achieved Debt Freedom and Built a Thriving Real Estate Business Rob and Reshawn are the power couple behind the blog, Learn Hustle Grow.  This power couple are the parents of two kids, and they are so inspiring because they are in their 40s and are officially debt and mortgage free.


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Best Financial Podcasts

Wage Gap, Investment Gap, Opportunity Gap, and Feminism with Tori Dunlap: #006

Whether we want to admit it or not, women still face a wage, opportunity, and investment gap. Feminism in the workplace has taken on a negative connotation by some, but the idea is one of equality. We sit down with Tori Dunlap of, a websi…


Going From Participation Trophy Wife to Olympic Gold Medal – Podcast Episode 016 – Simple Minded Millennial

How to become successful through goal setting Ready to finally set goals AND achieve them? Here at Simple Minded Millennial, we know how it feels to be lost and confused. Ever wonder what you REALLY want out of life? How can you actually identify your goals and how to crush them?

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