The Daily Mix – Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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Here are Today’s Best Posts:


Be The CEO And CFO Of Your Life: Manage Your Money Like A Business

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Ultimate Guide To Real Estate Crowdfunding

If you’ve always wanted to add real estate to your investment portfolio, but have either lacked the capital necessary to invest in individual properties – or to handle the management responsibilities that go with it – you’ll want to explore the potential of real estate crowdfunding.


How to Achieve Your Dreams & Avoid The Prisons That Trap Your Soul

I was invited to speak in a High School as a motivational speaker this week about achieving your dreams. That’s pretty cool especially because I was a total screw-up as a young person.

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How Much Does Social Media Influence Your Purchases?

Advertising through commercials, billboards and magazines have been influencing our purchases for decades, so much that conspiracy theorists claim they contain ‘subliminal messages’ which trick us into buying products against our better judgment. In spite of this legacy, a powerful new king of advertising is taking their place: social media.


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