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The Daily Mix – Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Daily Mix – Thursday, July 18, 2019

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The Money Mix goal is to bring you the latest and greatest money and financial news, stories, and articles from around the personal finance world! We also want to share the love with the many talented personal finance writers out there by sending as much traffic as possible to their sites.

10th Annual Plugus Awards Banner

The winner of the monthly Money Mix votes will be automatically entered for a chance to win a Plutus award for producing the best piece of content for the year. Here’s how it works:

  • Monday through Thursday, you’ll get four new articles up for a vote
  • On Friday, the winners of the M-TH votes will be voted on again to reveal a weekly winner
  • On the last Saturday of the month, the weekly winners are put up for a final vote to select the monthly “Best Content” winner

But, that’s not all.

All monthly winners will be automatically entered into the Plutus Award competition for a People’s Choice award for the best content of the year.

Plus, monthly winners will get a free pass to FinCon 2019 in Washington D.C.!

Here are Today’s Best Posts:


14 Bad Money Habits That Will Keep You Broke Forever

Being broke sucks. Worrying about bills and living paycheck to paycheck also sucks. And the thought of that being for a lifetime is demoralizing. While all our financial situations are different, we all have the ability to change our broke status. Will it be easy?


Exemplary Transparency Extreme

Transparency: On occasion, I scrounge five minutes from life to read other blogs. It’s not easy to keep up with the blogging joneses, not when you work full time and have a family to pay attention to. But I will, at a minimum, scan my Feedly a few times a week.



Whispers abound that the Fed intends to lower interest rates. Even a hint of declining interest rates can cause the stock market to rise. Learn about how interest rate movements can impact your investments. Investing is both science and art. One can do everything right and still watch their investments fall.


Debt vs. Savings: A Look at American Finance – Wealthy Turtle

Last updated on July 5th, 2019A lot of people are dealing with precarious financial situations. But what’s causing this? And how common is it? There are many factors playing into the high debt and low savings levels of consumers living in the United States. How Much Debt Do People Have?


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