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The Daily Mix – Monday, May 13, 2019

The Daily Mix – Monday, May 13, 2019

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Here are Today’s Best Posts:


‘Why don’t we celebrate the things we DON’T have?’

Got this excellent note from a friend, and had to share it today as a reminder that the journey to freedom is as much about the things you *don’t* do as it is the things you *do*. It might not be as sexy, but it’s still a huge part of the process!


The First Step to Financial Success is Honesty | Millionaire Dojo

I’m sick of there being a money taboo. Everyone thinks they can get away with being in debt for items they don’t need because we aren’t talking openly about our financial situations. If you can’t afford something, that’s perfectly okay. Being able to tell yourself no is much more impressive to me than going into debt for something.


Frugal Ways to Look Professional in Any Job ” Perfection Hangover

The workplace can be a tough space to express your sense of style when there are so many unspoken expectations about business-casual wardrobe. Today’s modern office focuses less on dress codes and more on professionalism which can leave a glaring gray area for women trying to piece together appropriate ensembles.

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A Simple Gift – Lessons Learned When You’re Officially Mid-Life

Today is my birthday – I am officially 45 years young. In honor of this “monumental” occasion, we’re going to dig deep into the cavernous chronicles of the past. And explore history as you’ve never experienced it. What does this mean exactly?


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