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The Daily Mix – Friday, April 26, 2019

The Daily Mix – Friday, April 26, 2019

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Our goal at The Money Mix is to bring you the latest and greatest money and financial news, stories, and articles from the top bloggers and sites in the personal finance world! We also want to share the love with the many talented personal finance writers out there by sending as much traffic as possible to their sites.

Here are Today’s Best Posts:


7 Reasons You Need to Stop Riding Your Bike To Work – Financial Mechanic

There has been a recent push to get more people to ride their bikes to work. To that I say: put the brakes on, honey! The truth is that influential people are all getting into bed with the Big Bike industry. Despite how uncomfortable that must be, they continue to push for people to get …


I Lied About Being Debt Free And Why I Am Happy About It ⋆ XRAYVSN

One of my favorite posts on this website recalls the time when I finally paid off my mortgage and finally became debt-free and owned, ” Every Blade of Grass.” What made me especially proud of this moment was that it was just four years removed from me being at my lowest place in life, emotionally and financially.


How Many of the Six Factors of Wealth Do You Have? – THE THREE YEAR EXPERIMENT

Did you know there are six factors, or personality traits, that will make you more likely to build and retain wealth over time? Don’t worry; if you weren’t born with them, you can develop them. Sarah Stanley Fallaw, daughter of Thomas Stanley, and whom I’ve written about here, has continued her father’s work of surveying millionaires in the book The Next Millionaire Next Door.

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11 Powerful Ways to Halt Competitive Rising Expectations

Do you feel stressed out? I know I do. Most people I know feel that way. Much of this is from society’s rising expectations of us. We can reduce the effect of these external forces. It takes clear thinking and a solid strategy. I learned some solutions from Richard A.


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