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The Daily Jukebox – Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Daily Jukebox – Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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3We’re excited to announce that we’ve added social sharing to The Feeds, including The Money Blogs Feed, which powers The Money Jukebox!

Now, whenever you discover a post you enjoy on any of The Feeds, you can easily to share it on your favorite social media site(s)!

Let’s Share The Love Together in 2019! – The Money Mix

Our goal at The Money Mix is to bring you the latest and greatest money and financial news, stories, and articles. We also want to “share the love” with the many talented personal finance writers out there by sending as much traffic as possible to their sites.

Here are Today’s “Top 5” Posts:


How Losing My Job Was the Best Thing That Happened to Me

Getting laid off is stressful. The first time it’s completely shocking, the second time it’s very concerning, and by the third – you start to wonder if you’ll ever find stability. This was my reality for the first few years after graduating from college.


How to Stay Calm When You Aren’t Sure About the Market

Most of us know that one of the most important steps to build wealth over the long term is to invest our money, but the idea of investing, for many, is scary. The memories of the last financial crisis may finally be starting to fade, and anyone who remembers that time can tell you of someone they know who had their entire retirement accounts chopped in half.


Home Ownership SUCKS if you focus on the money – Millionaires By 2030

Sometimes, owning a home feels like constantly setting handfuls of cash on fire. We grew up dreaming of buying and owning a home. For some reason, those dreams left out the bank, interest, mortgages, mortgage insurance, and random stuff breaking.


Nothing Wrong With Retiring At 65

In the FIRE community, retirement planning for when you hit 65 likely isn’t relevant. You’ll have saved enough to become financially independent as soon as you can and that’s great! FIRE as a concept can be alienating if that’s not your plan.


Frugal, Thrifty, Cheap, or Stingy | Frugal vs Cheap | Fiscal Tiger

There are a lot of ways to describe someone trying to be disciplined with money. When talking about similar fiscal traits using multiple adjectives like “thrifty”, “frugal”, “cheap”, and “stingy”, the main differences these terms are driven by connotation.

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What Makes The Money Jukebox Unique

The Money Jukebox is the first and only regular “round-up”or “best of” series of its kind.

It’s curated both for and by the personal finance community, featuring some of the newest, best posts within days (or even hours!) of their publishing.

On Monday through Friday, we bring you The Daily Jukebox, which includes the “Top 5” newest Money Blogs Feed posts from the day(s) before.

Each Saturday, we bring you The Weekly Jukebox, which includes the “Top 5” posts from The Daily Jukebox that week.

Once a month, we bring you The Monthly Jukebox, which includes the “Top 5” posts from the Weekly Jukebox for that month.

The “top” post from The Monthly Jukebox is then inducted into The Money Jukebox Hall Of Fame.

The Money Jukebox is the only series that highlights the best new personal finance blog posts.

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You won’t see recycled content here. Just the best, newest content within days of its initial publishing.

The Money Jukebox is also the only series that gives you such an active voice as the reader.

Your clicks on The Money Blogs Feed give us a “Top 10” list each day, which we actively narrow down to a “Top 5.”

Our role in curation helps prevent posts with excessive self-clicking or click-bait titles from dominating The Daily Jukebox (though catchy titles are encouraged!).

Winners of The Daily Jukebox and The Weekly Jukebox, who are featured on The Weekly Jukebox and The Monthly Jukebox, respectively, are chosen solely by your poll votes.

Find out more about how The Money Jukebox works.

I’ve Been Jukeboxed!

Being selected for The Money Jukebox is an honor, whether for The Daily Jukebox, for The Weekly Jukebox, or for The Monthly Jukebox.

If you’ve been “Jukeboxed,” that means for a day, for a week, or even for a month, the personal finance community thought your post was amongst both the latest and the greatest writing in personal finance.

Folks who have been Jukeboxed can sport the “As Jukeboxed On” badge with pride.

Here’s what the badge looks like:

As Jukeboxed On The Money Mix

And here’s the Custom HTML:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="As jukeboxed on"/></a>

Anyone who has Become a Money Hero can sport the Money Hero badge. And anyone who participates in Flamingo Fridays can sport the Flamingo Fridays badge.

But only if you have truly been “Jukeboxed” can you sport the “As Jukeboxed On” badge!

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