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The Daily Jukebox – Monday, November 12, 2018

The Daily Jukebox – Monday, November 12, 2018

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Join The No-Cut November Challenge – The Money Mix

No-Cut November is a challenge to either forgo getting a haircut during the month of November and donating the money to a worthy cause, or having your hair cut as normal and donating anyway.

Here are Today’s “Top 5” Posts:


Black FIRE Series (Part 1) – Are There Black People in the FIRE Movement? – Reluctant Frugalist

The following two tabs change content below. The FIRE Movement is a new play on the old concept of living far beneath your means. The modern day movement was reborn when the writings of a white male engineer named Pete or Mr. Money Mustache went viral.


Financial Independence Versus Financial Freedom | Passive Income M.D.

Ever wondered if there’s a difference between Financial Independence and Financial Freedom? Here at Passive Income MD, I pretty much use them interchangeably but I know others have tried to define them separately. Let me know whether you consider them the same or different. Today’s Classic is republished from the Physician On Fire.


Kids Activities – How Free Can be Better – Game of Budgets

The Expensive Arcade We recently decided to take an overnight stay at a water park hotel near us. It was a treat for the kids who had been asking to go there and they had a couple of days off … Continue reading →


The Line Between Frugal and Cheap – Financial Mechanic

Nobody wants to be called cheap. We dread being labeled a scrooge, likened to a mean, greedy recluse who would do anything to avoid parting from a penny. We want to be known for our generosity while still saving enough for ourselves. Those who decide to be money-wise are often nervous of being accused of …


[Guest Post] 2019 Real Estate Market Trends Investors Need to be Aware of | Hipster Investments

The real estate market can be really unpredictable as it constantly shifts and trends come and go. This is the very reason why it’s important to always keep an eye out for upcoming and even reemerging trends that can make an impact. When you know what to expect, you can make well-informed decisions you won’t later regret.


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What Makes The Money Jukebox Unique

The Money Jukebox is the first and only regular “round-up”or “best of” series of its kind.

It’s curated both for and by the personal finance community, featuring some of the newest, best posts within days (or even hours!) of their publishing.

On Monday through Friday, we bring you The Daily Jukebox, which includes the “Top 5” newest Money Blogs Feed posts from the day(s) before.

Each Saturday, we bring you The Weekly Jukebox, which includes the “Top 5” posts from The Daily Jukebox that week.

Once a month, we bring you The Monthly Jukebox, which includes the “Top 5” posts from the Weekly Jukebox for that month.

The “top” post from The Monthly Jukebox is then inducted into The Money Jukebox Hall Of Fame.

The Money Jukebox is the only series that highlights the best new personal finance blog posts.

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Money Blogs

You won’t see recycled content here. Just the best, newest content within days of its initial publishing.

The Money Jukebox is also the only series that gives you such an active voice as the reader.

Your clicks on The Money Blogs Feed give us a “Top 10” list each day, which we actively narrow down to a “Top 5.”

Our role in curation helps prevent posts with excessive self-clicking or click-bait titles from dominating The Daily Jukebox (though catchy titles are encouraged!).

Winners of The Daily Jukebox and The Weekly Jukebox, who are featured on The Weekly Jukebox and The Monthly Jukebox, respectively, are chosen solely by your poll votes.

Find out more about how The Money Jukebox works.

I’ve Been Jukeboxed!

Being selected for The Money Jukebox is an honor, whether for The Daily Jukebox, for The Weekly Jukebox, or for The Monthly Jukebox.

If you’ve been “Jukeboxed,” that means for a day, for a week, or even for a month, the personal finance community thought your post was amongst both the latest and the greatest writing in personal finance.

Folks who have been Jukeboxed can sport the “As Jukeboxed On” badge with pride.

Here’s what the badge looks like:

As Jukeboxed On The Money Mix

And here’s the Custom HTML:

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Anyone who has Become a Money Hero can sport the Money Hero badge. And anyone who participates in Flamingo Fridays can sport the Flamingo Fridays badge.

But only if you have truly been “Jukeboxed” can you sport the “As Jukeboxed On” badge!

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