Sponsored Feeds

The Money Mix provides opportunities to purchase paid sponsored feeds on our sidebars that can benefit your money and personal finance website.

Our paid sponsored feeds can be customized to meet your needs. We offer flexibility regarding feed placement within the sidebar(s) and regarding feed duration, and we can accommodate almost any budget.

All paid sponsored feeds are clearly labeled with “Sponsored” in the title.

For your paid sponsored feed to be eligible to appear on The Money Mix, you must publish an average of at least 10 new items per day that appear on the RSS feed you want to be featured.

The Money Mix provides no guarantees as to the number of click-throughs or the amount of web traffic a sponsored feed may generate.

If you’re interested in purchasing a paid sponsored feed on The Money Mix, please contact us with a brief description of the RSS feed you want to be featured and your campaign budget at marketing@themoneymix.com or using the form below.

Or, if you’re interested in purchasing a sponsored post or custom ad campaign instead, here’s how they work.