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Let’s Share The Love Together in 2019!

Let’s Share The Love Together in 2019!

Share The Love

Share The LoveOur goal at The Money Mix is to bring you the latest and greatest money and financial news, stories, and articles.

We also want to “share the love” with the many talented personal finance writers out there by sending as much traffic as possible to their sites.

Almost all of the content we feature The Money Jukebox is originally discovered on The Feeds, so our feeds play a key role in accomplishing our mission.

When we started The Money Mix, our most popular feed, The Money Blogs Feed, included less than 50 personal finance websites.

Today, it includes over 700 sites!

We’re Sharing The Love By Improving The Feeds

We think the feeds play a key role in helping others grow their sites, so we’ve been working relentlessly week after week to improve them.

At first, we wanted to have the “biggest” personal finance feed, but we quickly realized our focus should be on striving to become the “best” feed instead.

The “Biggest” Feed?

Did you know that there are around 2,000 active personal finance websites at any given time?

On most days of the week, somewhere between 5% and 15% of those sites publish new content, which means there are somewhere between 100-300 new personal finance posts each day!

At first, our goal was to someday have the “biggest” aggregate personal finance feed on the internet.

It sounds like a noble goal, and, for the record, we absolutely love the current “biggest” personal finance feed out there.

And it may happen someday.

In fact, on a recent day, The Money Blogs Feed had over twice as much content as any other aggregate site we visited, except one.

And we had almost 2/3 as much content as the site with the “biggest” feed.

The “Best” Feed

The Money Blogs Feed might become the “biggest” someday, but our focus is on becoming the “best” aggregate personal finance feed.

As we share in Our Why, we want you to start your money journey here each day and then click out to other great sites that are creating fresh, relevant content you find interesting.

So, we’re focused on discovering that fresh, relevant content and ensuring the sites that create it are on our feeds as quickly as possible.

For example, we now update The Money Blogs Feed every 15 minutes.

As far as we know, we’re currently the only site that provides new content that often!

And there are also lots of other ways the personal finance feeds on The Money Mix are unique:

  • The Money Blogs Feed is the only feed where your clicks on today’s content make you a curator of tomorrow’s features.
  • The Money Mix is the only site we know of where you can find blog feeds right alongside the major financial news outlets.
  • We’re the only site with a custom search engine featuring hundreds of the sites included in our feeds.
  • Our aggregator has been programmed to include blog and website logo avatars to make it easy to recognize posts from your favorite writers.
  • Our feeds include optimized featured images from posts to improve your visual experience.
  • We have multiple feeds on a number of topics, including a Reddit personal finance feed, a real estate feed, a feed highlighting the writing of over 200 of the women of personal finance, and a physician’s finance feed featuring over 80 doctors.

Coming Together For Good

We’re always striving to improve the feeds, and we’ve been working with our developers on a brand new feature that will significantly improve your experience as a user.

This new feature is key to the type of community we’re trying to help build through The Money Mix.

We want you to be able to find the fresh, relevant content you’re looking for on our feeds.

And we also want you to be able to interact, both with the content and with others in the personal finance community.

So, we’re extremely excited to tell you that we’ve added social sharing to the feeds!

With just a few mouse clicks, you can now easily share the content you love on your favorite social media platforms right from our feeds.

How You Can Share The Love in 2019

You are a huge part of what makes the personal finance community so unique, and you make the community what it is by sharing the love and encouraging others in their financial and life journeys.

We’re working hard to make the site more useful to you by making sure the feeds have fresh, relevant content and making it easy to share the content you enjoy.

Share The Love By Using The Feeds

One of the best ways you can support personal finance writers is by visiting their sites and reading their content.

Every time you visit one of The Feeds and click on a post that interests you, at least two things happen:

(1) the original publisher of the post has the opportunity to have you as a visitor, and

(2) you have the opportunity to learn and grow from the content you read and the opportunity to contribute to the community that site is striving to create.

We also receive valuable information from you as a member of the personal finance community about what’s resonating with you, which helps us improve your experience here.

Share The Love by Sharing The Content You Love

Sharing the content you love helps the personal finance community grow exponentially.

When you share a post that impacts you on social media, you’re making it easily accessible to your entire social network.

The friends you share the content with benefit from having the opportunity to read it, and the writer benefits from reaching a broader audience through your network.

And if you’re regularly sharing great content, you also quickly gain recognition as someone who is knowledgeable and trustworthy as a source of useful information.

If you’re a content creator, you know how great it feels to have your content shared on social media.

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Not only does it often bring visitors to your site, but it is really meaningful to know that someone was impacted by your writing.

We’ve discovered so much positivity, encouragement, and wisdom through seeing your social media sharing, and we’re glad to provide a fast and easy way for you to do more of it!

So, whenever you discover a post you enjoy on any of The Feeds, we would encourage you to take a few seconds to share it on your favorite social media site(s).

How We’ll Be Sharing The Love in 2019

We’re working hard to make it easier for you to help others reach their money and life goals, and we’ve targeted two main goals for improving your experience on The Money Mix in 2019.

Making The Site More Interactive

We hope adding social sharing to the feeds will give you a new opportunity to interact more with others in the personal finance community.

And by helping you share the content you enjoy on social media, we’re just getting started.

We can’t tip our hat just yet, but we have some big plans for making The Money Mix more interactive in 2019, including some major improvements to The Money Jukebox!

Stay tuned, because if you liked The Money Mix in 2018, we think you’ll love the direction we’re headed in 2019.

Sharing More Content

In 2019, we’ll be sharing a whole lot more content, both on the site and on social media.

As our list of Money Heroes grows, we’re adding new sites to the feeds almost every day, and we’ll be creating new aggregate feeds on several popular topics.

We’ll also be sharing a lot of content on social media with the new social sharing capabilities the feeds have.

We’ve been inspired by so many of you who selflessly help others reach their goals, and we want to do more of the same in 2019!

Finally, A Big Thank You!

2018 was an awesome year at The Money Mix because of you!

Thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement as we strive to build community together and to provide you with a progressively better experience on the site.

We’re hoping to achieve significant growth in 2019, and you are key to our continued success.

The more often you are able to use the site and tell others about what’s going on at The Money Mix, the better we can serve you.

As the site grows, we’re planning to continue to stay true to our spirit of giving and generosity, and we also plan to continue to invest in the site to make it better and better for you.

Thanks again for all you’ve done to help us grow in 2018, and we hope to remain (or become) one of your very favorite personal finance sites in 2019!

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