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Tips To Sell Your Property Quickly Before Brexit

Tips To Sell Your Property Quickly Before Brexit

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Today’s guest post comes from Amy Mitchelle.

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Tips To Sell Your Property Quickly Before Brexit

Amid the uncertainty of Brexit, many people are choosing to sell their UK properties. Be it for financial reasons, personal reasons or just because they want to shift to the outskirts, whatever the reason, many locals are very seriously thinking of selling their homes and flats.

If you’re among these thinkers who believe that a sale before Brexit is the best way to earn your property’s worth, then the quicker you sell the better. So, here are some tips which might come in handy to sell your property quickly and swiftly before the reality of Brexit hits the UK as well as the real estate prices.

  1. Think about the pricing

When it comes to any commodity, the cheaper the price, the more the buyers. Of course, as a property owner, you need to set the price very strategically. You need to be able to earn enough from the sale to be able to buy a new house of your own or be able to rent a new place comfortably. Also, the price needs to be at a level which doesn’t make the prospective buyer wonder why that property is so cheap. If the price is too low, the buyer might feel that there is something wrong with the property, and this overthinking will only cost you more time. An overvalued or undervalued property has a high chance of going unnoticed.

  1. Use trusted real estate agents

The best way to sell your house quickly is to use trusted and well-known local real estate agents. These agents know exactly how the selling process works, the paperwork required, the overall cost of selling and, most importantly, the prospective buyers. If you think about it, it is things like paperwork, local laws and regional taxes which take time to understand and process. A good real estate agent will already be well-informed about the same. Be it houses for sale in Hinchley Wood or flats for sale in Manchester, using a property agent to sell your property is the best way to ensure that property sells quickly.

  1. Be willing to negotiate

Normally when you are thinking of selling your home, you expect a certain amount for that property. Instead of being stuck to just that amount, set a lower limit. Say you start your negotiations at £X, then you should have a lower limit in mind till which you are willing to go to – that could be 5% lower than X or even 15% lower than X, that depends on you. However, this lower limit also needs to be thought out strategically because at the end of the day you do not want to lose money.

  1. Professional photography is essential

You know how you look at the pictures of a hotel room before you book the room; similarly, prospective buyers tend to look at the pictures of the property before even visiting the property. You need to make sure that the pictures you take of your house or flat do it justice, and more. Clean up before taking pictures, remove the clutter and create an illusion of space. And the brighter and better lit the house, the better. If your property has been on the market for a while and is not getting sold, you might want to take a look at the pictures you have posted. You can even spend 100 odd pounds on professional photography – the return is worth it.

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  1. Presentation is a key factor

Imagine walking into a house which is messy. The bed is unmade, there are thing lying all over the floor, the house looks so cluttered that you barely have space to move and the overall vibe is dark. Will you be willing to buy that property? Definitely not! Your property needs to look presentable and inviting. Any house or flat can be made presentable with very small changes, like:

  • Add more lights to make the house brighter
  • Apply a fresh coat of paint
  • Make sure the furniture and upholstery have no stains
  • Remove the clutter, tidy up the place
  • Add some potted plants or flower vases to make the place look better
  • Make the front porch look clean and welcoming
  1. Apply for planning permissions

Usually, planning permission takes around 8 to 10 weeks to be approved. And that is what adds great value to your property. Since this planning permit can be passed on from the current owner to the new owner, prospective house buyers will be happy to know that they have the option to build a new room or construct a new deck without having to worry about applying for that permit themselves. This also allows you to get a better offer for your property because you are offering a very good deal – a deal which most other sellers will not be offering.

  1. Understand your target

Are you trying to sell your flat to a family? Are you trying to sell your home to a young entrepreneur? Understand where your property is located, what kind of buyers are looking in that area and what are those buyers looking for? Try to make your property meet that need. Say, your house is in an area where the prospective buyers are usually young families with 2 kids – do up the rooms in a way that the buyers will see a master bedroom, 2 bedrooms for the kids, maybe a playroom for the kids or a garden with a swing for the kids to play. Understand what the buyer wants and provide that.

  1. Final touches go a long way

Isn’t it amazing to walk into a house where you can smell a fresh pot of coffee brewing? Or maybe that smell of freshly baked cupcakes? Even something as small as a vanilla-scented air diffuser will do the trick. By doing so before a house viewing, you are basically creating a warm and happy vibe. You want the prospective buyer to walk into your home and feel happy – after all, first impressions do matter.  Sometimes, it is small things like this which can make a huge difference.

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