Picking a Blog Name is Hard

It took me months before I settled on a name for this blog.

It wasn’t because I had a shortage of ideas either, ask poor Mrs. Max, who had to put up with my constant requests for her opinion. The process of coming up with a decent blog name, also known as a domain name, is actually more involved than you might think.

I’m going to attempt to document the steps I had to go through, and hopefully save you some time by organizing them in a more logical progression than what I experienced…

Step 1:  Make Sure You Have a Blog Philosophy or Theme

I made the mistake of focusing on picking a “good blog name” first, before really outlining my overall philosophy behind the blog. Spend a fair amount of time really thinking through what the overarching message of your blog will be, and what the ultimate purpose is.

In my case, I wanted to focus on a blog that had to do with personal finance and independence, but after thinking through it further I began to realize that my philosophy went beyond just money talk. I was focused more on gaining freedom and how to then utilize that newfound freedom.

It became clear to me that my blog name had to somehow incorporate the word freedom or some variant of it.

Step 2:  Make Friends with a Thesaurus

I probably put over 200 words through this online thesaurus, it was a fantastic way to brainstorm and get the creative juices flowing. Just write down some alternatives to the keyword you’re focused on, and keep them handy.

Step 3:  Get Inspired

If you feel like you’re getting a bit of writer’s block, or lack some inspiration, use a word generator site like Wordoid to kick you back in gear. Just make sure you stay focused and don’t get too distracted. You can also look at blogs with similar themes, and see what others may have done.

Step 4:  Don’t get Too Ahead of Yourself

After all that brainstorming, you’ve come up with the perfect name. You’re excited, you’re pumped up, and you’re ready to order that letterhead. Before you go much further, make sure to stop and check on that blog name and whether it’s even available.

I was shocked and deeply irritated to find out that many great blog names are already taken. This might be ok if they were being used for actual websites, but more often than not they were parked domains. This means that some company that buys and resells domain names already thought of your wonderful idea and is looking to sell it to you for a price.

So they park it out on the web for the highest bidder. I was personally not interested in paying those outrageous prices. Save yourself a lot of time, and check on the availability of your name first. You can use Bluehost’s handy domain name checker below.

I spent quite a bit of time using it myself, mostly to cross off all the wonderful names I had already come up with.

Step 5:  Document your Ideas

This is something I admittedly didn’t do as early as I should have. Document all your great ideas and make sure to also eliminate those that are either not available outright, or require purchase.

This is important because you will find yourself recycling many of your name ideas during your brainstorming period, and then wasting more time checking on their availability once again. Since it took me multiple weeks to finally settle on a name, I was doing this quite often.

Step 6:  Keep it Short & Sweet

Your domain name will be the cornerstone of your entire blog and website. It will be used in e-mail addresses, various forms and applications, and a number of other platforms such as social media, etc…

Make sure your name is memorable, easy to write, descriptive, and short. You want to also avoid numbers, special characters or anything that sounds too confusing.

Step 7:  Just Pick One and Move Along

Finally, don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by too many choices. It’s easy to agonize over all the great names you’ve come up with, but at some point, you just need to make a choice and move on.

If you find yourself having a hard time choosing between a few great ideas, start an online poll and have your friends and family lend a hand. Picking a name is just one step in many to starting your own blog or website, so you don’t want to stand idle for too long.

Here’s a list of just some the names I came up with for this blog before settling on Max Your Freedom…

  • Buy Your Freedom
  • Freedom For Sale
  • Hasty Freedom
  • Freedom is Bliss
  • Intrepid Freedom
  • Freedom Yonder
  • Handy Freedom
  • Freedom Within Reach
  • Freedom Phase
  • Genuine Freedom
  • Freedom Boost
  • Boost Your Freedom
  • Freedom Stimulus
  • Time for Freedom
  • Time Your Freedom
  • Freedom Sweet Spot
  • Freedom is Prime
  • Prime your Freedom
  • Plan your Freedom
  • The Freedom Plan
  • Exit to Freedom
  • Aim for Freedom
  • Maximize Freedom
  • Freedom Max
  • Freedom Maximum
  • Pivot to Freedom
  • Prioritize Freedom
  • Freedom Priority
  • Freedom Apex
  • Freedom Maximum
  • Freedom Exit Strategy
  • Freedom Guru(s)
  • And finally…Max your Freedomhere’s why

Readers, if you have a blog, did you agonize over the name or did you just know? Did you struggle with the naming process? Did I miss any other crucial steps? Share your comments and thoughts below!




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