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How Our First Month Went At The Money Mix

How Our First Month Went At The Money Mix


As the great philospher Miley Cyrus once said, “It’s the cliiii…iiiiii…eeeiiii….iiimb!”

The Money Mix launched on September 17th, 2018, with the goal of bringing the money and personal finance community together for good.

We set out to create a website so useful that you want to start your financial journey here each day, before clicking out to the many other great personal finance sites.

The support we’ve received from the personal finance community has been overwhelming!

From launch day on, you’ve been telling other people about us, and the site is gaining a lot of traction.

So, just how are we doing so far?

With just over a month under our belts, we waned to give you an update on how The Money Mix is coming along, including our wins, losses, and draws.

If you think reading that part might not be your cup of tea, please feel free to skip on down to the “What’s Next” and the “How You Can Help Us” headings.


Out-clicks- Our biggest win is the stat we focus on most: out-clicks, or clicks on links to other sites.

During our first month, there were over 500 out-clicks to other sites from The Money Mix. 

Since out-clicks help choose what gets featured on The Daily Jukebox, we did notice a few anomalies at first (looking at you, Thrifty Enough, for 18 clicks to your post on a day with 20 clicks overall), but most traffic seems legit.

In subsequent weeks, we’re now on pace for over 1,000 out-clicks per month.

Let’s get that number to 10,000 and keep going from there!

Traffic- On September 17th, our Alexa ranking, which is based on sessions and page views, was 11.5 million out of all the sites worldwide.

On October 16th, our Alexa ranking was 1.5 million (lower is better).

For us, traffic is about out-clicks; more page visitors and more page views means more downstream traffic to other sites.

We hope to drop below the million mark for our Alexa ranking in the next month (we’re down to 1.31 million now!).

Domain Authority- Our domain authority, which is a measure of site trust, went from 2 to 12.

Domain authority increases largely based on the number and quality of “follow” inbound links from other websites.

If you’ve linked to us on your site or sported a badge like the I’m A Money Hero badge, thank you again for helping us grow in this metric!

New Money Heroes- Over 120 talented writers signed up to Become A Money Hero during our first month.

We consider it to be a huge win that so many of you would choose to identify with us!

We hope to continue to to see The List growing daily, so you can get to know the Money Heroes better through the answers to our unique questions and so we can keeping adding sites to The Feeds and The FIRE Engine.

Social Media- We’ve averaged over 20 new Twitter followers a day so far.

If you’ve ever tried to develop an organic social media following, you know this is a significant number, even if many of our followers or bots or accounts owned by pets.

For us, the best part is that, during October, every time we gain two Twitter followers, we’re donating a meal through Feeding America.

So far, that comes to almost 200 meals!

Social media presence is so important these days, and we look forward to continued Twitter growth and significant expansion to other social media platforms.

Additions To The Site- We’ve added a new feed, now called The Ms. Money Mix Feed.

It currently includes almost 200 of the talented women of personal finance.

More importantly, all of those sites are now included in our main feed, The Money Blogs Feed.

That means all of the newest posts from over 300 sites are now included in The Money Blogs Feed.

We believe that makes The Money Blogs Feed either the second or third most robust aggregate personal finance feed on the web!

We hope to see more and more women (and men!) identifying as Money Heroes and using the site each day.


Despite all our wins the first month, there were some clear losses.

The Initial Voting/Polling Tool- The voting/polling tool we debuted for The Money Jukebox didn’t meet our needs.

Several folks reached out to us discreetly to let us know when things weren’t working – or weren’t working right – and we really appreciate it.

Going forward, we’ve found multiple solutions to help ensure each user of the site can have a similar voice with one vote per poll, per day.

The Aggregator- Our original aggregator wasn’t able to keep up with the amount of awesomeness being added to the site every day in the form of new Money Heroes.

But we persevered and found one that can, and we have established a relationship with the developer that will allow us to continue to improve the feeds for you over time.

Facebook Presence- We’ve heard that it’s hard to gain traction on Facebook.

It’s been even more challenging for us than we’d imagined!

We thought giving folks the opportunity to get involved in Tackling Hunger by sharing the message might move lots of people to action, but it hasn’t so far.

We’re developing a new Facebook strategy (think viral cat videos…about personal finance?).

But for now, we’d kindly ask you to take a moment to like us on Facebook either as your page, if you have a blog or other business, and/or as yourself regardless.

The Chat Room- We’re still really excited about The Chat Room, but there just isn’t enough consistent traffic on the site to support it…yet.

Apart from some comical evenings where we kept switching user names to debate which Home Alone movie was best, and some sad ones where real users typed actual messages into the void of an empty chat room, the world just wasn’t ready for the likes of The Money Mix Chat Room just yet.

But, fear not, we have a plan!

Within the next month or two, we plan to start hosting a series of live chats, hopefully led by some major names in personal finance.

We think our chat platform may actually be better than Twitter for group chats, if not at least more user friendly. Stay tuned for announcements on that, and Contact Us if you’re interested in hosting a chat.


Overall Traffic- The traffic growth on The Money Mix has been phenomenal, but Mediavine isn’t knocking down our virtual door to monetize the site just yet.

We plan to continue to strive to make the site more useful each day in hope that use will increase over time.

We could also use your continued help in growing the site.

Read on to find out more about both of these efforts.

The FIRE Engine- So far, we’re calling The FIRE Engine a draw.

We set out to create a really useful tool and resource for creators and consumers of personal finance.

There are almost 200 sites included now, but use so far has been relatively limited.

We’ll keep adding sites and striving to get the word out.

Flamingo Fridays- We developed Flamingo Fridays as a focused effort to “share the love” with personal finance bloggers.

The idea is one blog gets picked per week to “host” Flamingo Friday, and we all visit the site, leave comments, and share our favorite posts from the site on social media.

So far, only a couple of sites have volunteered to host.

We think requiring a badge to host may be a deterrent to participation, so we’re dropping that requirement.

We’ll also admit the swim test was probably unnecessary, too.

If you’re interested in hosting, head on over to the Flamingo Fridays page and let us know in the comments!

What’s Next

There are so many things in the works at The Money Mix!

We can’t tip our hat just yet on everything, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • We have a BIG, fun, and important giving challenge for you during the month of November.
  • We are developing and testing several new feeds.
  • We’re compiling a master list of really useful financial resources. Let us know if you have written or come across something that should be included!
  • There’s a really cool round-up post in the works.
  • There are some even more awesome things, too, and we can’t wait to share them with you soon

How You Can Help Us

You’ve already helped so much, and we don’t take that for granted.

But we believe we’ve achieved less than 5% of our potential market penetration so far.

And we both need and value your help in continuing to grow the site.

Here are some tangible things you can do today:

Use the site regularly. They say, “A Money Mix visit a day keeps the financial indifference away.” So, wouldn’t 2 or even 3 visits be even better?

Ok, so we made that saying up.

But in all seriousness, we now have one of the largest aggregate personal finance feeds anywhere in the form of The Money Blogs Feed.

And we just turned the volume way up to update the feed every 30 minutes, rather than every hour.

That means you can find the newest posts here first and then click out to the sites of the content creators to read the posts.

We’re also continuing to grow the Financial Podcasts Feed and add other new feeds.

And you get to pick what gets featured on The Money Jukebox.

It’s a unique opportunity, and visiting the site each day to vote helps shapes what gets amplified today and, over time, helps form the direction the personal finance community moves.

Tell other people about what’s going on at The Money Mix. We think we’re about as ready for the Reddit crowd as we’re going to be.

We even have a Reddit Personal Finance Feed.

We should have known better when we were spamming subreddit threads with our favorite Rick Springfield song lyrics.

But we did, and here we are.

And now we need your help to spread the word on sites like Reddit, on personal finance forums (or even Backstreet Boys forums) you frequent, in Facebook groups and on other social media platforms, and even in the dreaded DMV line, if you’re willing.

Keep telling us how to get better. We love the social media tags with suggestions and the messages you send us.

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Guest post on the site. We’re passionate about building community and simplifying personal finance.

We recognize there is a wealth of excellent content created within this community, and we want to help amplify the knowledge we find to be most useful, so it can reach the broadest audience.

If you’re a passionate personal finance writer interested in contributing full length featured content for The Money Mix, please read the post guidelines and then contact us with the requested information if you’d like to propose a post!

Shout Outs

We want to thank the following sites for specifically mentioning and linking to The Money Mix in a post or posts!:

Michael Dinich

Money With A Purpose

Making Momentum

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MikedUp Blog

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We also want to thank some old friends for your relentless efforts in helping us grow:

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Millionaire Mob

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Everyday By The Lake

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Josh Overmyer

…and many, many others (if you see this, message us on Twitter, and we’ll be glad to add you)!

Finally, we’re excited to have so much support from new friends like:

The FIRE Lane


Partners In FIRE

The Finance Twins


Financial Mechanic

Cash Crone

The RN Mentor

Fulltime Finance

Refine My Money

Money Middletons

and so many more (if you see this, message us on Twitter, and we’ll be glad to add you)!

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