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Money Talks

One of the neat things about the Money Talks Financial Forum is that you can post new discussion topics anonymously.

If there’s a money question you’ve ever wanted to know the answer to, but have been afraid to ask, this unique feature comes in really handy.

Anyone can post an anonymous question, subject to approval by the site administrator(s).

Please note that any comment(s) you make on any posts on the Money Talks Financial Forum will be associated with the name and information you use to make the comment(s). 

Money Heroes

Another unique feature of the forum is that so many of the Money Heroes post regularly.

If you are a personal finance writer, or even if you just enjoy interacting with them, the Money Talks Financial Forum provides unique opportunities to rub shoulders, and even trade friendly barbs, with some of the top finance writers.

Building Community

We’re always working to build and grow community at The Money Mix, because the personal finance community is awesome, and being able to encourage each other in our financial journeys matters.

That’s why we created the Money Talks Financial Forum as a place for you to visit regularly to interact with other like-minded folks.

Whether you’re learning, teaching, encouraging, or just reading, we hope you find your community here.

We also know there are a lot of other great financial forum and money forum sites out there, and because we’re so committed to building community and helping you find yours, here’s our list of 11 Top Financial Forum Sites To Find And Grow Your Community.