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How Our Second Month Went At The Money Mix

How Our Second Month Went At The Money Mix


As the great philospher Miley Cyrus once said, “It’s the cliiii…iiiiii…eeeiiii….iiimb!”

The Money Mix launched on September 17th, 2018, with the goal of bringing the money and personal finance community together for good.

We set out to create a website so useful that you want to start your financial journey here each day, before clicking out to the many other great personal finance sites.

The support we’ve received from the personal finance community has been overwhelming!

From launch day on, you’ve been telling other people about us, and the site is gaining a lot of traction.

So, how are we doing so far?

With just over two months under our belts, we wanted to give you an update on how The Money Mix is coming along.

If you think reading that part might not be your cup of tea, please feel free to skip on down to the “What’s Next” and the “How You Can Help Us” headings.


Out-clicks- Our biggest win is the stat we focus on most: out-clicks, or clicks on links to other sites.

During our second month, there were over 1,100 out-clicks to other sites from The Money Mix. 

This number is up over 100% from around 500 out-clicks last month.

We’re here to help you find the best personal finance information, and that’s exactly what’s happening!

Let’s get that number to 10,000 and keep going from there!

Traffic- On September 17th, our Alexa ranking, which is based on sessions and page views, was 11.5 million out of all the sites worldwide.

On October 16th, our Alexa ranking was 1.5 million (lower is better).

On November 16th, our Alexa ranking was 933,000!

For us, traffic is about out-clicks; more page visitors and more page views means more downstream traffic to other sites.

Let’s keep that trend going…the more you use the site, the lower that number gets!

Domain Authority- Our domain authority, which is a measure of site trust, went from 12 to 18.

Domain authority increases largely based on the number and quality of “follow” inbound links from other websites.

If you’ve linked to us on your site or sported a badge like the I’m A Money Hero badge, thank you again for helping us grow in this metric!

It’s been said that search engines don’t always love sites that aggregate content.

If you’re a blogger or other type of publisher, your willingness to link to our site helps us overcome that barrier, and it really does help this project grow faster.

New Money Heroes- Over 30 talented writers signed up to Become A Money Hero during this month.

We consider it to be a huge win that so many of you would choose to identify with us!

We hope to continue to to see The List growing daily, so you can get to know the Money Heroes better through the answers to our unique questions and so we can keeping adding sites to The Feeds and The FIRE Engine.

Social Media- We’ve averaged almost 20 new Twitter followers a day so far.

If you’ve ever tried to develop an organic social media following, you know this is a significant number, even if many of our followers are bots or accounts owned by pets.

Social media presence is so important these days, and we look forward to continued Twitter growth and significant expansion to other social media platforms.

Additions To The Site- We’ve continued to add sites to our newest feed, called The Ms. Money Mix Feed.

It currently includes over 200 of the talented women of personal finance.

More importantly, all of those sites are now included in our main feed, The Money Blogs Feed.

That means all of the newest posts from over 600 sites are now included in The Money Blogs Feed.

We believe that now makes The Money Blogs Feed the second most robust aggregate personal finance feed on the web! 

What’s Next

There are so many things in the works at The Money Mix!

We have some huge announcements coming up about ways we’ll be making the sites (1) more useful, (2) more interactive, and (3) more fun!

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Image of an avatar skiing down a hill with a debt snowball chasing behind him.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • We’re developing and testing several new feeds and some new features to make the feeds even more useful.
  • We’ve almost completed a road map of really useful financial resources. Let us know if you have written or come across something that should be included before it goes live!
  • There’s another really cool round-up post in the works.
  • Several awesome guest posts are already scheduled for publishing.

How You Can Help Us

You’ve already helped so much, and we don’t take that for granted.

But we believe we’ve achieved less than 10% of our potential market penetration so far.

And we both need and value your help in continuing to grow the site.

Here are some tangible things you can do today:

Use the site regularly. They say, “A Money Mix visit a day keeps the financial indifference away. So, wouldn’t 2 or even 3 visits be even better?”

Ok, so we made that saying up.

But in all seriousness, we now have one of the largest aggregate personal finance feeds anywhere in the form of The Money Blogs Feed.

That means you can find the newest posts here and then click out to the sites of the content creators to read the posts.

We’re also continuing to grow the Financial Podcasts Feed and add other new feeds.

And you get to play the role of curator and pick what gets featured on The Money Jukebox.

It’s a unique opportunity, and visiting the site each day to vote helps shapes what gets amplified today and, over time, helps form the direction the personal finance community moves.

Tell other people about what’s going on at The Money Mix. The organic growth we’re experiencing from word of mouth and social media sharing has been monumental! Thank you for all of your help, and we appreciate your continued support.

Keep telling us how to get better. We love the social media tags with suggestions and the messages you send us.

Guest post on the site. We recognize there is a wealth of excellent content created within this community, and we want to help amplify the most useful information, so it can reach the broadest audience.

If you’re a passionate personal finance writer interested in contributing full length featured content for The Money Mix, please read the post guidelines and then contact us with the requested information if you’d like to propose a post!

Thanks again for all of your support!

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