How It Works

The Money Mix is more than just a personal finance curation site. 

While we do curate the best personal finance content, it’s the community that’s deciding on the content that is the best and most useful. Through a user-based voting system, the community votes each and every day on the best content for that day, and each day’s winners advance to a weekly contest on that Friday.

Bloggers compete for bragging rights and, in 2019, free tickets to the FinCon conference and automatic entry for a Plutus Award.

Here are more of the specifics about how The Money Mix works:

The Daily Mix

Monday through Thursday, we identify four top-notch personal finance blog posts from around the community. We discover these posts in a number of different ways:

  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Trending content on Reddit and similar sites
  • Recommendations from the community
  • Forums, chat networks and similar channels

We put the best up for a vote and let the community choose the post they love the most.

The Weekly Mix

Each Friday, we select the most popular posts from the week and put those posts up for another vote. The voting lasts throughout the weekend. On Sunday night, a weekly winner is selected and this post advances to the monthly round.

The Monthly Mix

Once a month, we run another poll that includes the weekly winners to determine a winner for the month. As of 2019, monthly winners automatically win a FREE ticket to FinCon as well as an automate entrance into a Money Mix Plutus award announced at the FinCon conference.

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