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Flamingo Fridays At Fly to FI

Flamingo Fridays At Fly to FI

Flamingo Fridays

Accelerate Your Financial Freedom – Fly to FI

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No-Cut November is a challenge to either forgo getting a haircut during the month of November and donating the money to a worthy cause, or having your hair cut as normal and donating anyway.

How Flamingo Fridays Works at The Money Mix

At The Money Mix, a big part of Our Why is uniting the personal finance community.

It’s why we maintain the Feeds and The List, and it’s why we started the Chat Room.

Flamingo Fridays is a natural fit for us to encourage each other as members of the personal finance community and for us to help each other grow.

Each Friday, one personal finance blog will be selected as the “host” for the week.

The host blog will be announced via a post Friday morning on The Money Mix that will appear on the slider above.

How to Support Flamingo Fridays

You can become a part of Flamingo Fridays as soon as this week!

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Flamingo Fridays

As a member of the personal finance community who supports Flamingo Fridays, you will have the opportunity to visit the host site for the week.

You don’t have to just visit, though.

Imagine how much you can encourage someone else by:

  • investing the time to take a look around their site,
  • leaving a comment or two, and
  • share your favorite post(s) on social media.

How to Become a Flamingo Fridays Host

Anyone can participate in Flamingo Fridays, and it’s even easy to become a host! Read more about how to become a Flamingo Fridays host here.

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