18 Cool Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Business

Are you looking for a side hustle idea to make extra money?

Or you are brainstorming on the best ideas for a new business? Sometimes, getting the best business idea might be difficult, and when this happens, that may be a pointer telling you ‘this is the time to look within.’

No matter the category of personality you belong to, there is always one or two things you enjoy spending your time doing. Everyone does! These hobbies can be turned into a business.

Some hobbies are lifelong pursuits, and some we only seem to enjoy for a short period. One of the best recipes for success in business is a true passion for the work. If you select a hobby you’ve already invested in and turn it into a business; you’ll keep your love alive, always enjoy your work, and be on a mission to succeed.

Cool Hobbies You Can Turn Into a Business

Some hobbies are great for passing the time AND making money. We listed 17 hobbies you can turn into a business to help you come up with a great idea that, coupled with your passion for the field, is sure to be a success. Check them out!

1. Get Paid to Play Video Games

Getting paid to play video games sounds too good to be true, right? Well, despite what your 8th-grade guidance may have told you, it’s possible to make money playing video games.

Your imagination only limits you. You can turn your love into video games into cash by starting a gaming blog, a podcast, live stream on Twitch, or creating a YouTube channel. You can even enter into the exciting arena of competitive eSports.

Now, if you ask any successful YouTube star or blogger, they will tell you that launching money making site is anything but easy. However, if you have the dedication and tenacity, as well as dream of ditching the corporate world to play video games, anything is possible.

Now, if you are looking for a few extra bucks quick, there are apps you can install on your phone and get paid to play games. You won’t get rich, but if you enjoy gaming while binge-watching net flix, it can be an excellent way to earn some mostly passive income.

Our Picks to Get Paid to Play

2. Gardening

Did you know a 20×20 foot plot of lavender can produce up to 1800 dollars a year? Surprised?? 

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?? or in our case little bushes

It is why we declared the hobby farm the unsung hero of side hustles. If you are looking for an excellent home-based business is doesn’t get much better or home-based than a market garden.

Gardening is a great hobby to keep fit, and can also be a steady source of good income. You can sell your produce – flowers, vegetables, and fruits. You can even venture into landscaping and setting up a gardening service business.

It is also financially wise to gardening if you can as it reduces your expenses on some grocery items you would have had to pay for, which might not be as hygienic as the homegrown.

3. Carpentry

Wait a minute; do you like woodworking, furniture making, and other carpentry works? Build a business on it. There’s an entire world of business opportunities available to you. Set up your carpentry or furniture shop, a building contractor or renovating company, or work on your own and sell your products.

You can customize your carpentry business to the type of projects you enjoy doing the most. Treehouses? Sheds? Playhouses? Home additions? Furniture? The sky is the limit. Material costs are low, and you can sell your creations for a nice profit.

4. Fitness and nutrition

Are you a fitness fanatic who spends a lot of time at the gym? Or are you into sports and keeping fit?

Do you know all about supplements, workouts, and a proper diet? There are many ways you can capitalize on your passion for wellness. Sports coaching, gym operation, and exercise and training instruction are just some of the fun activities you can indulge in and earn money at the same time.

Fitness and nutrition are critical to our health. They’re also two areas that we are notoriously bad at maintaining. That’s an opening for someone like you to create a fitness or nutrition-based business! You can start as a consultant offering sessions that give personalized tips and recommendations to clients, offering personal training sessions, etc.

5. Tutoring

If you’re an expert on any subject, you can make money by tutoring students on that subject. Sites like VipKids help you sign up as an available tutor. You set the subject and age range you’re comfortable with and start making money as a tutor.

6. Social media

If you spend a lot of time on social media and have used it professionally (to promote a brand or business), it’s possible to make money by offering social media marketing or management services to brands.

You’ll need existing successful accounts to show to your potential clients as a “resume.” It’s easy to build this type of business into something more significant in the future (encompass more aspects of marketing, writing, business development, etc.).

There are a lot of stories about social media hobby turning into a six-figure business. Twitter UberFact is an example.

7. Graphic design

You don’t have to be a hardcore graphic designer to start a business. If graphic design is something you enjoy and have a knack for, it’s simple to teach yourself the basics of programs and software online.

If you’re making social images and images for companies, you can rely on a service like Canva to easily create images without needing any serious graphic design knowledge.

8. Crafts Making

Crafting and creative art-making is now an accessible online business. Etsy and other similar sites offer a market for craft projects and creations. It is now easy to sell craft online with the whole world as your market.

9. Writing

Not everyone enjoys writing, and those that do are true writers. If you keep a personal blog or jump at the chance to outline proposals and blog posts at work, why not start a writing business?

You can create content for brands, nonprofits, or individuals with large followings. Additionally, if you enjoy other aspects of writing–editing, SEO, marketing, etc.–you can sell those services to businesses on a freelance or contract basis.

10. Cooking

There are a lot of restaurateurs in my Brisbane bookkeeping business clientele, and they share one passion – cooking. Eating is a basic need, and as long as you have all the right ingredients, you can never go wrong in the food business. Aside from setting up a restaurant business, you can also earn money catering, cookbook writing, and food critiquing, or holding cooking lessons.

12. Baking

Everyone loves baked goodies and treats. If you have the knack of coming up with excellent cakes and pastries, you have a ready business on hand. You can start selling to your friends, family, and neighbors.

Let them know that you are in business and is accepting made to order bakes. Once you gain the confidence to sell your goodies to coffee shops and restaurants or set up your own bakery business.

13. Health and beauty

If you have a lot of health and beauty-related knowledge, don’t let it go to waste! It’s a great example of a hobby you can turn into a business because you don’t have to learn anything new–these are things you’re already familiar with and passionate about. Your options are so diverse. You can create homemade sugar and salt scrubs and package them in cute Mason jars, package and sell the cornstarch-and-cocoa powder foundation you’ve mastered, or get licensed and start a full-service beauty salon to offer clients your styling and treatment services.

14. Home decor

If you’re thrifty and have an eye for design, why not take your skills and make a profit from them?

You can create a home decor business by scouring thrift stores and yard sales for old furniture and items with “good bones.” Refinish them, paint them, recover them with new fabrics, paint stencils on them, etc. Start making custom wreaths with team colors or seasonal decor. The options are endless!

15. Animal Care

There are a lot of money-earning opportunities for animal lovers. I have earned a considerable amount of money from animal care right from my childhood. This day it is easy to make a decent amount of money from pet care. You can set up a dog kennel or cat hotel.

Dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi, dog training, and grooming are just some of the pet service businesses you can set up with minimal or no capital requirements.

You can also venture into very lucrative animal breeding.

16. Dancing

It is easy to earn money from your love of dancing. The continual growth of the entertainment industry is giving more opportunities for dancers to earn from their hobbies. Most music video producers are willing to dress you up for video shoots and still pay you well for your talent.

Not everybody can be lead dancers or ballerinas, but you can still make it big with dancing. Establish a dance studio, teach lessons, choreograph dances, or produce dance shows.

17. Traveling

Traveling is an expensive hobby. But you can also capitalize on your passion. Travel agency operators and tour guides are all traveling enthusiasts. You can also write a book or a blog to share your precious experiences. Traveling is also a starting point for future importers and/or exporters.

18. Photography

Photography is a popular hobby with great opportunities for earning. If you enjoy taking and editing photos, you can take just a few formal lessons, and with the right equipment, you can start snapping away.

You can quickly start making money by starting a photography business in your preferred niche. That might be something like infant photos, wedding and event photos, school photography, wildlife, or commercial photography.

Start building your portfolio and reputation. You can also sell your images online and as well earn more money by sharing your passion and train new photographers.

Wrap it up!

Now we have presented to you a list of hobbies you can turn into a business, follow this guideline to help you with the transition process from hobby to business.


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