7 Books For Nigeria Entrepreneurs By Nigeria Entrepreneurs

For almost a decade, I have been privileged to work with hundreds of Nigerian Entrepreneurs, both budding entrepreneurs who are just starting out and those already running their own businesses. One thing that I’ve found common among these entrepreneurs (in at least 85%) is that they don’t invest in the business and financial knowledge.

In my experience, hardly will you find a Nigerian entrepreneur who can boastfully tell you he/she had finished 12 business books within the last 12months.

Why Nigerian Entrepreneurs Needs To Read Business Books

No matter the stage you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you need to constantly increase your knowledge of the business world. In his book, Think Big: Make It Happen In Business And Life – Donald Trump said you must spend at least thirty minutes daily to increase your business and financial education if you want to make it big.

We’ve Published lists of must-read books for every entrepreneur as well as personal finance must-reads for people who want to take full control of their financial destiny. Yet today I want to give you yet another list of must-read books for Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Top Business Books By Nigerian Entrepreneurs

The reason I want to share this with you is simple. The Nigerian business terrain is a bit radically different from that of any other countries of the world (though a lot of business principles and strategies work no matter the location).

Having said that, the writers of the books listed below are successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria. They came, they saw, and they conquered. and I believe their business and achievements will encourage you to read and learn from them.

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Book Title: Small Business Big Money: How To Start, Grow And Turn Your Small Business Into A Cash Generating Machine.

Author: Akin Alabi – Founder NairaBet

image of small business big money, a must-read book for Nigeria entrepreneurs by Nigeria entrepreneursAre you planning to start a business? Do you have a small business but you are not making enough money to cover your bills and live the kind of life you want? If you answered YES to any of those questions, then Small Business Big Money is the book for you.

The author shared exact business and marketing techniques he used in building his business at Nairabet from scratch without any external funding.

Some of the valuable lessons you will learn from this book includes:

  • How to decide on the kind of business you should do
  • Why it can be a bad idea to sell what people NEED to buy
  • 7 commandments you must follow before you spend any money on advertising
  • How to get others to promote your business for you for FREE
  • How to price your products and services for maximum profitability
  • 10 factors you should consider before you quit your job to start a business
  • The full story of how I (Akin Alabi) started NairaBET.com
  • And lots more.

Buy Small Business Big Money from Konga or Jumia


Book Title: Secrets of the Streets

Author: Teju ‘Babyface’ Oyelakin

image of secrets of the streets, a must-read book for Nigeria entrepreneurs by Nigeria entrepreneursDon’t be confused by the book’s subtitle; this book is for anyone who really wants to make it in any industry. Here is an excerpt from the author himself;

“While it is my hope that this book will provide answers for millions of young people across Africa who desire to have a successful career in the entertainment industry, it is more than just a book written to that industry. Even though the experiences are personal (of course), the principles remain universal and will be instructive for young people who desire success in any industry at all.

Apart from crime.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

If you desire to make it happen in your life, then get a copy of Secrets of the Streets today and learn how to code and decode the street to achieve your dreams.

Buy Secrets of the Streets from Konga or Jumia


Book Title: Entrepreneurship The Slot Way

Author: Engr. Nnamdi Ezeigbo – Founder of SLOT Brand

image of entrepreneurship the slot way, a must-read book for Nigeria entrepreneurs by Nigeria entrepreneursWhen it comes to the retail revolution in Nigeria, SLOT brand is a force to reckon with. The man behind such a revolution has penned down one of the best business books in Nigeria.

This book provides valuable insight and advice for anyone interested in unraveling the secrets behind entrepreneurship, particularly in a developing society like Nigeria. The author not only shared his journey to success, involving many twists and turns along the way. It’s filled with real-life examples and practical tips covering the importance of people in business growth.

This is a must read for any young aspiring entrepreneur or seasoned business owner in Nigeria.

Buy Entrepreneurship The Slot Way from Konga or Jumia


Book Title: Who Says You Can’t

Author: Frank Nneji – Founder of ABC Transports

image of who says you can't, a must-read book for Nigeria entrepreneurs by Nigeria entrepreneursBuilding a business or chasing a dream can be daunting and whenever we decide to step out of our comfort zones to do such things, it is not unusual for people to doubt if we can succeed. In this fascinating memoir, Frank Nneji, one of Africa’s most outstanding business entrepreneurs, says you can.

You too can get a glimpse into the process of how Frank built ABC transports from scratch and use such strategies to build your own business in Nigeria.

Who Says You Can’t is a must-read book for every aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Buy Who Says You Can’t from Konga or Jumia


Book Title: Working On A Dream: Lessons in Life and Business

Author:  G. Fagbure – Co-founder of Jumia

image of working on a dream, a must-read book for Nigeria entrepreneurs by Nigeria entrepreneursWorking on a Dream is a manual for living and working that draws on a myriad of experiences and observations. It shines a light on the numerous landmines that are in the path of an entrepreneur and anyone who has ever wanted to pursue a dream. Most of all, it dissects many of the interesting, and often, unanswered questions that life throws at us in our daily endeavors.

It covers a number of diverse topics including how to assess risks; unique approaches to solving problems; bouncing back from setbacks; managing subordinates, peers and bosses; ambition; fighting the fear of failure; and seeing the big picture, all concepts that are applicable in business as well as in general life. The book features lots of motivating quotes, street smarts, wit and wisdom, packed into an easy-to-read format. For those looking to make a mark in their chosen field, Working on a Dream is a worthy companion to offer inspiration and practical guidance.

Buy Working On A Dream from Konga or Jumia


Book Title: 1000+ Practical Business Ideas and Directory of Money Sources

Author: Sunkanmi Vaughan – Founder Biz Lifelines

image of 1000+ business ideas, a must-read book for Nigeria entrepreneurs by Nigeria entrepreneursSunkanmi Vaughan offers over 1000 practical business ideas that you may never have thought of. After reading this book, you will realize that most of the opportunities we ignore and count as insignificant can actually be turned to cash. This well-researched, well-written and easy-to-read book discusses several money-making ventures in the different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

It’s the No 1 business opportunity handbook for everyone- whether you’ve just lost your job, still working but looking for an extra stream of income or just concluded NYSC. It is also valuable for students who wish to support themselves in school.

You will also learn where and how you can get funding for your business idea and how you can protect your idea.

Buy 1000+ Practical Business Ideas from Konga or Jumia



Book Title: The School of Money

Author: Olumide Emmanuel

image of school of money, a must-read book for Nigeria entrepreneurs by Nigeria entrepreneursAfter helping hundreds of people become multi-millionaires, thousands of people to become property owners and millions to have financial education, common sense Guru and one of the world’s leading Wealth Creation Agents has put all the secrets, strategies and principles together in this one-stop platform “The School of Money.”

  • Making money is no more a mystery
  • Managing money is no more a struggle
  • Multiplying money is no more fantasy.

It is possible and achievable for every reader of this loaded package.

With over two decades of hands-on experience in the world of business and entrepreneurship, plus a global group of companies to show for it, aspiring, young and practicing entrepreneurs and business people now have a blueprint to create their own success story.

  • How hungry are you for financial freedom?
  • How badly do you want a change in your life?

With seven packed sections on wealth creation modules, this book is too loaded to be ignored.

Buy The School of Money from Konga or Jumia


Book Title: Africa Rise And Shine: How A Nigerian Entrepreneur From Humble Beginnings Grew A Business To $16 Billion

Author: Jim Ovia – Founder of Zenith Bank PLC

The road to success is rarely linear and never easy. Despite countless setbacks, Jim Ovia, founder of Zenith Bank, was able to achieve the unthinkable. Africa Rise and Shine is the story of Ovia’s business and banking success and how he was able to create one of Africa’s largest banks. Spanning decades of both world and Nigerian history, Africa Rise and Shine dives deep into the events that led to Ovia’s triumph.

Drawing upon his educational experiences and relentless determination, Ovia was able to overcome every hurdle that stood in the way of his bank becoming the national icon that it is today. Africa Rise and Shine outline the tough, yet necessary business decisions that were essential to Zenith’s prolonged success and is filled with valuable takeaways for every businessperson.

Learn from one of the best in banking what it takes to truly be successful.

Buy Africa Rise And Shine from Konga or Jumia


Bonus: Books For Female Entrepreneurs

These are books written by female entrepreneurs in Nigeria for aspiring female entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Check them out and be inspired.

Book Title:  Every Lady’s First Steps Into Business

Author: Doris Ike-Okereke

image of every lady's first step into business, a must-read business book for Nigeria entrepreneurs by Nigeria entrepreneursEvery Lady’s First steps into Business gives an insight on how one can identify her suitable and most likely to succeed business opportunity. It highlights the attitude required for business success and the Almighty “P” elements which every aspiring business owner must consider.

Though with a strong emphasis on women, Every Lady’s First steps into Business is intended to support all who might find it useful as the principles of business are same.

Buy Every Lady’s First Steps Into Business From Konga or Jumia


Book Title: Real Women Invest In Real Estate

Author: Udo Maryanne Okonjo


image of real women invest in real estate, a must-read business book for Nigeria entrepreneurs by Nigeria entrepreneursThis book will guide you on how to: 1) Climb the real estate ladder with ease and expertise. 2) Spot the right real estate opportunities and make money in any market at any time. 3) Develop the entrepreneurial skills required to

succeed in real estate investing.

Buy From Konga or Jumia








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Wrap It Up!

So there you have it the top business books for Nigeria entrepreneur. One of the fastest ways to become successful at anything is to model those that are already successful at such things. Like earlier said, these books are written by successful Nigeria entrepreneurs, you can learn to model the business skills and strategies by reading their books.

So, why not grab a copy out of our list of business books for Nigeria entrepreneurs today and start changing your business and financial story.

Over To You

So, What is the other business books for Nigeria entrepreneurs have you read? or business books that you believe are specifically written for Nigeria entrepreneurs? Please share with us in the comment below. Believe me; I sincerely value your opinion more than mine.

And don’t forget there is love in sharing!

See You At The Top!!!

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