Here’s Your Winter Weather Outlook for 2019

I get it – there is no way to “really” predict the weather. But despite missed forecasts and inaccurate projections, our scientific ability to observe weather trends and “see the writing on the wall” is pretty darn remarkable. 

Using those scientific capabilities, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have released their winter weather outlook for the United States.

If you like warmer winters, you’ll probably like what you’re going to see – especially if you live in the south, or way the heck up in Alaska.

Below, you’ll see two different temperature maps (and one precipitation map). The first map covers Nov through Jan and the second covers Jan through Mar of 2020.


  • Alaska is set to see much warmer winter temperatures
  • Northeast temps, along with California, might be a tick upward
  • Southwest United States residents should keep those t-shirts ready
  • In 2020, temperatures begin to return closer to normal

Temperature forecast for November, December, and January of 2019-20

2019 (Nov, Dec, Jan) Winter Temperature Outlook

Temperature forecast for January, February, and March of 2020

2019 Winter Temperature Outlook

And, here’s the NOAA’s precipitation (rain and snowfall) outlook:

Precipitation forecast for January, February, and March

2019 Winter Precipitation Outlook

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