17 Ways to Have Fun on the Weekend Without Spending Money

If baseball and apple pie is the national pastime for America, then saving money to invest it is my national pastime! Is there anything better than watching the value of your investment slowly increase as you contribute funds and watch the market do its thing?

Alright, yes, there are probably a ton of things better than that. But it is a good thing!

Investing in your future is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And what do you need in order to invest? Money that you have saved, of course.

So I’m laying out 17 awesome ways to enjoy your next weekend without spending any money! Nothing! And I promise… it’ll still be fun (no cleaning or lawn mowing involved).

17 Ways to Have Fun on the Weekend Without Spending Money

1. Go On a Walk

Are you telling me this whole time that walking is free AND fun?!

Sarcasm aside, hear me out. Walking is not only a good way to enjoy the great outdoors, but it’s also good for your health (both physical as well as mental). And if you’re lucky enough to have company on this nice weekend stroll, you’ll probably strike some nice and entertaining conversation as well.

2. Watch a Movie

I remember the days of $4 movie tickets (and someone slightly older than myself probably remembers the days of $0.25 movie tickets). Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore, with movie tickets upwards of $15 (usually in big cities).

Luckily, with rising movie prices also came Netflix. And Hulu. And Amazon Prime. And HBO. And the list goes on and on.

So pop some popcorn and get the bunch-a-crunch ready and have yourself a nice movie night.

3. Read

You could always do what you’re doing right now – read.

As a matter of fact, combine this with the first idea and stroll down to your local library to grab a fun book to enjoy this fine weekend.

4. Throw a Ball Around

If you don’t own a basketball, football, soccer ball, baseball, or any other type of ball you can ahead and skip this one.

If you do, find the person nearest you, go outside and throw that thing around. Or stay inside if it’s cold. I bet your mom is not there to yell at you for breaking anything.

5. Cook Something

Put away the Grubhub app! Lookup a fun recipe and make something for yourself. Here are some ideas to spark some inspiration:

  • Granola bars
  • Banana bread
  • Stew
  • Curry
  • Salad

Check your cupboards, see what you have, and make something happen.

6. Host a Game Night

Invite your neighbors, friends or family over to play a board game!

I’d just suggest avoiding monopoly. Somehow, someway, that game always ends with yelling and flipped over game board.

7. Draw (or Paint)

If you’re naturally artistic, you’ll probably like this one on your own.

If you’re naturally competitive, invite some friends over and make a game out of it. Pit a couple of contestants against each other and have the judge pick a winner.

Both are best enjoyed with a bottle of wine.

8. Binge a TV Show

I’m not saying to do this EVERY weekend. In fact, I’m saying not to…

But, once in a while, binging a TV show can be super fun. And, it’s super free if you’ve already got the right subscription (or login)

9. Window Shop

You have to have some serious will power to pull this off, but there is no harm in looking. Plus, checking out some cool, local shops is a fun way to pass an hour or two.

10. Learn Something on YouTube

YouTube is full of insightful videos that can teach you how to knit, do yoga, or even learn another language.

Pick something you’ve been meaning to learn and have at it!

11. Call an Old Friend

Have a good friend in another city? Call them up and catch up!

No better time than now.

12. Sleep

Hey, I mean, sleep sure is fun to me.

Sleep in. Take a nap. Go to bed early. Whatever you have to do to catch up on some (probably) much needed sleep.

13. Go to the Gym

If you already have a gym membership, put it to good use!

If not, consider an at-home workout. Or a run.

You’ll feel great afterward, too.

14. Listen to Music

When was the last time you listened to music while you weren’t in a crowded bar, or commuting, or doing something else?

Might be nice to just lay there and listen to a song, or a podcast, or an audiobook.

15. Take a Bath

Don’t knock it till you try it.

16. Open a New Credit Card

Opening a new credit card technically does not cost any money. And finding the perfect credit card for you can be fun!

I’m talking about the credit card that gives you the most points and cashback possible, that you can then put to good use next weekend.

17. Ride a Bike

And we’ll end it with this – go a long bike ride! Like walking, it’s a great way to have fun and get a little exercise in.

Well there you have it! That’s all I got.

Let me know what you do for free on the weekends in the comments!

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